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About Goesan Greetings

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Welcome to Goesan-gun, a city full of beautiful mountains and water where people enjoy longevity.

In Goesan, there are 35 beautiful mountains where you can walk along the Sanmagi Yetgil path while enjoying the smell of pine trees and looking at the clear water of the Goesan Dam. You will also marvel at the beauty of the sites in Hwayang-gugok, Ssangok-gugok and Galeun-gugok.

Goesan is one of Korea’s best healing designation and we pride ourselves as bring the city of organic farming and longevity. Goesan-gun is also a city of chunghyo (filial piety to the king and parents), where people have valued the tradition of chung-hyo-ye (filial piety and righteousness).

It is also the city of longevity that has the most number of people over 100 years old.

The secret of longevity lies in, the warm hearts of our people, the clean natural environment, great food and produce of the region such as eco-friendly organic potatoes, corn, Goesan peppers, salted cabbage, apples, ginseng, beef, pork and local culinary traditions.

Lee Cha-young, county mayor of Goesan, and 600 government employees dedicate ourselves to the happiness of the people of Goesan and the growth of the Goesan. Also, we will work hard to understand the needs of the Goesan people and those who visit our city so that we can provide quality government services.

Once again, I thank everyone who visits Goesan. I recommend that you try jangsu-bapsang when you visit Goesan, and make sure to take some of the great produce of Goesan when you go home. It will bring you and your loved ones a lot of happiness.
Thank you.