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About Goesan Greetings

미리보기 문서로 변환중입니다.

Welcome to Goesan, A place where Beautiful Mountains and
Stunning Natural Wonders are everywhere.

From mountain peaks penetrating the clouds to tiny rainbow-colored fish weaving in valley, let nature's wonder reveal it’s marvelous view. The famous Sanmagi yetgil(old tracking road) will bring the nature’s best hope

Goesan is one of Korea’s best healing designation and we are very proud to present you the best Organic Farming and longevity. Goesan is also well-known for chunghyo (filial piety to the king and parents), where people have valued the tradition of chung-hyo-ye (filial piety and righteousness).

It is also the town of longevity that has the most number of people over 100 years old.

The secret of longevity lies in, the warm hearts of our people, the clean natural environment, great food and product of the community such as Organic potatoes, corns, Goesan red peppers, salted cabbages, apples, ginseng, Korean beef, pork and local culinary traditions.

Over 600 Government workers and I are committed to ensure public health, environment, and safety by providing the divisions with administrative support and policy guidance to continue effective, efficient, and compliant operations.

Again, We invite you to experience our community's famous and inspirational food such as Jangsu-Bapsang(table of food for longevity) and etc. With a wide-range of Organic products from Geosan, we hope you and your family have a healthy and joyful moments.
Thank you.

Song In hern
Mayor of Goesan County