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Traditional Market

Industry & Economy Traditional Market

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Goesan market

Goesan market is a representative traditional market of Goesan-gun. The customer support center provides convenience facilities, places for joint sales of major specialty products, cafés, etc.

In the spring dale, naengyi, gosari, dureup and other mountain vegetables are sold. In the summer Goesan pepper, the best in the nation, and daehak corns are sold. In the fall mountain mushrooms, deodeok, and doraji are sold. In the winter Goesan’s unique salted cabbage are sold. Visit Goesan to taste the unique flavor only Goesan can offer. In the summer, the most famous Goesan red pepper and college corn are sold. In autumn, many mushrooms, dodok, and bellflower are sold. In the winter, pickles of Goesan country are picked up all over the country. If you come to Goesan Traditional Market, you can feel the taste of home.

Basic information

  • Location : 8-8 Eupnae-ro 15-gil Goesan-eup Goesan-gun Chungbuk
  • Market characteristics : 5 days market (3rd, 8th of the month)
  • Major industry : agriculture produces, specialty products

Cheongcheon market

Cheongcheon market boasts a long history and tradition and has a customer service center, joint sales outlet for agricultural produce and specialty products and cafés. Cheongcheon traditional market sells olgaengyi noodles, wild mushrooms, daehak corns, and hot and spicy fish soup, which is known for its superior quality that consumers like.

Basic information

  • Location : 10 Cheongcheon 2-gil Cheongcheon-myeon Goesan-gun Chungbuk
  • Market characteristics : Five days market (5th and 10th of the month)
  • Major industry : agricultural produces and forestry products

Mokdo (Buljeong) market

Mokdo market is a traditional market with great business conditions and pleasant environment. It is a traditional market that has been formed over a long period of time, supplying the region’s specialty products such as peaches, beans, tomatoes and potatoes, which has the highest quality.

Basic information

  • Location : 20 Mokdori 1-gil Buljeongmyeon Goesangun Chungbuk
  • Market characteristics : 5 days market (4th, 9th of the month)
  • Major industry : agricultural produces and forest products

Yeongpung market

Yeongpung market is a traditional market with a 100 years of history. At Yeongpung market, both producers and consumers co-prosper. Visit the market to purchase the highest quality agricultural produce such as wild mushrooms, daehak corns, Yeongpung apples, Yeongpung dried persimmons, salted cabbages and wild vegetables.

Basic information

  • Location : 5 Hongmun-gil Hyang-gyo-ro, Yeongpungmyeon, Goesangun, Chungbuk
  • Market characteristics : 5 days market (4th, 9th of the month)
  • Main industry : agricultural prouces and forestry products