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1345 Immigration Contact Center

Service 1345 Immigration Contact Center

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About the center

The Immigration Contact Center is a multilingual information counter that offers civil affairs consultation, which is needed for the adjustment of foreigners living in Korea, and information guidance through online and telephone without any language barriers under the Law on Treatment of Foreigners in Korea

The Immigration Contact Center consists of Hi Korea, which is portal site for helping foreigners with online information guidance in 4 languages, including Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, and electronic civil affairs service, and ☎1345 telephone counseling service in 20 languages.

Business range

  • Multilingual information guidance on the adjustment of foreigners living in Korea and civil affairs consultation centered around the coverage of Korea Immigration Service listed below
  • Visa related services such as study in Korea, job, foreigner invitation, etc.
  • Immigration services such as re-entry permission, etc.
  • Issuing identification card related services such as foreigner registration, Overseas Koreans' report of domestic residence, etc.
  • Services related to residence permits including extension of residence and changes in residence qualifications
  • Services related to nationalities including naturalization tests, acquisition of nationalities, etc.
  • Services related to judgement of refugees' status and their support
  • Crime reports related to smuggling, illegal employment, overstaying of foreigners
  • Services related to social integration of immigrants including education, marriage immigrants' society, etc.
  • Inquiries on institutions and groups related married immigrants, foreign laborer support systems, etc.
  • Support of telephone interpretation services for foreigners in connection with the central government, local governments, public organizations and non-governmental organizations

※ Since June, 2006, we have been offering multilingual interpretation service for Government Call Center (110) and are planning to increase the number of organizations provided through the demonstration service in 2008.

Information for use

  • Available time : 09:00 to 22:00 on weekday (After 18:00, the services of Korean, English, Chinese is operated.)
  • Dial to 1345 anywhere, regardless of local or cellular phones ※ Dial to 82-1345 on abroad (no need of local numbers)

ARS information

  • Press No. 1 : For locations of immigration office, jurisdiction and service hour.
  • Press No. 2 : For inquiring results of visa application
  • Press No. 3 : For report of retirement and places for visit employment of foreigners by fax
  • Press No. 0 : For talking directly to a counselor

For counseling in foreign languages through the ARS

Dial to 1345, choose a number of the language that you want according to information on the ARS and then press *