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Tourism & Culture Sogeumland

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Sogeumland Sogeumland
  • Location : 74-20 Yang-gok 3-gil Goesan-roi Mungwang-myeon Goesan-gun Chungbuk
  • Category : Recommended site
  • Main facilities
    • Educational experience place
      • Sogeum Cultural Museum (Sogeum Museum, Sogeum Experience Room, Promotion Hall, stores, management office)
      • Sea water experience, salt farm, cabbage salting experience
      • Imitation of Gwang-gaeto-daewang-reung-bi monument (Height 6.39m)
      • Korean wetland, salt storage house
    • Resting place in park
      • pine tree park, wild flower park, Haetsal Square, children’s playground

“Bit-gwa Sogeum” theme park

Sogeumland is Korea’s first ecological education site built using the wasted salt water from salted cabbages. It offers a customized experience and an education program as well as it being a place of spiritual healing. Sogeumland is connected to a gingko tree street under the theme of “Bit-gwa Sogeum”, offering people a place of recreation and spiritual healing where they can recharge themselves.