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Goesangun, Other festivals and events
Name Location and Period Major Events
Winter folk plays in Bakema area
  • January of every year
  • Near Activity Center in Sarimyeon Baekma-gwon
  • Experience traditional winter play (sleigh, fishing bingeo, tteokmaechigi, kite flying)
  • Local culture concert, foods
Gam-mul Potato Festival
  • June of every year
  • Near Gam-mul-myeon office square
  • Potato harvesting, and other experiences
  • Local culture concert
Goesan Olgaengyi Festival
  • August of every year
  • Near Dunyul-maeul, Chilseong-myeon
  • Experience fishing olgangyi and other freshwater fish
  • Harvest agricultural produce
  • A sleep over at farm houses
Environment and Culture Festival
  • August of every year
  • Near Hwangyeong Munwha Museum
  • Environment-related cultural events
  • Water play and rice paddy experience
  • Insect and fish experience
  • Specialty agricultural produce
Mokdo Baekjungnori
  • September of every year
  • Near Monkdo-gang Forest Park in Buljeong-meyon
  • Demonstrate traditional culture (Good harvest ritual salt ship)
  • Folk plays (ssireum, etc.)
Yeonpung Joryeongje and Bicycle Culture Festival
  • October of every year
  • Near Yeonpung-myeon
  • Joryeongje ritual and traditional culture demonstration (ritual, jangwongeupje parade)
  • Various experiences related to hanji, traditional Korean paper
  • Yihwaryeong bicycle rap time contest
Gingko Tree Village Festival
  • October of every year
  • Near Yanggok Reservoir in Goesan-gun
  • Ginko roasting, kimchi making
  • Local culture concert