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2022 EXPO

International Relations International Organic Expo 2022 EXPO

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The 2022 IFOAM-Goesan International Organic Expo will be the major organic event in the year 2022 and will bring together all the major organic stakeholder, organic pioneers, and current leaders to the organic county of Goesan.

The 2022 Expo follows from a similar event in 2015 which brought 1.06 million local and foreign visitors to the events. The events culminated in the announcement of the “Organic 3.0 Goesan Declaration”.

2022 EXPO Poster

Basic Information

  • Dates : Sept 30th ~ Oct 16th, 2022
  • Co-Organizers : IFOAM-Organics International, Chungbuk Province, Goesan County
  • Implementing Organization : IFOAM Asia, Expo Organizing Committee

Components of the Expo

  • IFOAM 50th Anniversary Celebrations (including a major international organic conference)
  • IFOAM Asia 10th Anniversary Celebrations & 5th Organic Asia Congress
  • 2nd International Conference on Organic Agriculture Policy
  • 2nd International Organic Marketing Conference (with a focus on CSA and PGS)
  • 8th ALGOA & 3rd GAOD Summits
  • ALGOA Organic Leadership Course Masterclass
  • International Organic Trade Fair (including ALGOA Pavilion for Local Governments)
  • Organic Farmers Market
  • Cultural Events
2022 EXPO