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Agricultural History Museum

Tourism & Culture Agricultural History Museum

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Agricultural History Museum
  • Location : 6 Geomseung 1-gil Chungmin-ro Goesan-eup Goesan-gun Chungbuk
  • Category : Recommended site
  • Guide to use
    • Tour hours : 09:00~18:00
    • Closed : Day after holiday, January 1st New Year’s Day, Chuseok

Exhibition Hall 1 (History and Culture)

Exhibition hall chronicles the history of agriculture from prehistory to the Joseon dynasty and the 6th industrial revolution

Agriculture and science / History of agriculture

Exhibition Hall 2 (Old agricultural tools)

Introduces seasonal agricultural activities during four seasons and various farming tools

Exhibition Hall 3 (Local culture)

Experience the history and today’s status of Goesan’s agriculture and its vision (Goesan’s agricultural culture and life, Goesan’s agriculture today, Goesan’s nature and culture, Vision of agriculture in Goesan), outdoor exhibition

Exhibition of a traditional farmers' life and a variety of farm equipment where one can peek into the lives of farmers of the past.

  • Agricultural Cultural Exhibition Hall
    • Reproduction of traditional houses where you can get a glimpse of lives of farmers of the past, traditional farming tools and jangdok
  • Experience traditional plays
    • Experience the folk play of the ancient ancestors such as tuhonori, neolttigi, yutnori, jegichagi, guleongsoe, paengyinori