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International Relations ALGOA

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The “Asia Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA)” was established during the 1st Goesan International Organic Expo in September 2015.

ALGOA started with 21 members in 2015 and now has grown to more than 268 members in 17 countries and areas. It is unique as the only organization in the world where local governments and the private sector come together to exchange and build strategies to take the organic sector forward. The core work areas are the annual ALGOA Organic Foundation Course (a capacity-building program for local government officials) and the annual ALGOA Summit of local government leaders and representatives from the organic sector.

The ALGOA Organic Foundation Course is an annual 7-day residential training held in Goesan County to capacitate new leaders from the local governments and the organic sector with discussion on the overall aspects of organic farming including the history, production methods, policy, advocacy, innovations, networking etc.

The ALGOA Summit is an annual regional event for local government leaders and representatives to gather and share to share the current status of organic agriculture and to discuss in depth future prospects and action plans. “Organic Homestays” will be offered for foreigners attending the annual ALGOA Summit.

ALGOA Center for Organic Leadership (ACOL) will be operational from 2023 and will offer online and residential training programs to local and foreign participants.

2019 ALGOA Summit