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Multicultural Family Support Center

Service Multicultural Family Support Center

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what is the Multicultural Family Support Center?

Supports married immigrants' early adaptation to Korean society and multicultural families' stable family life by providing the helpful services including family education, counseling, and cultural programs.

What is the Korean institute for Healthy Family?

This central management agency is responsible for developing and providing programs and manuals necessary for operating multicultural family support centers in the country, fostering human resources, and managing business.

Promotion system

  • Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • Specialized projects
  • City/Province
  • Call Center 1577-1366
  • Korean institute for Healthy Family
  • Health centers
  • City/County/District
  • Immigration Office
  • Base center
  • Employment centers
  • Multicultural Family Support Center
  • Children/School/Offices of Education
  • Consignment
  • Connection
  • Cooperation
  • Multicultural families
  • Basic projects

Roles by main agent of the promotion systems

Korean Institute for Healthy Family

  • Surpport of the Multicultural Family Support Center
    • Operation of demonstration projects and development of programs
    • Education of strengthening human resources' capabilities
    • Support and evaluation of the center
    • Connection and promotion of resources
  • Management of the bilingual home-environment projects
  • Management of supporting language development of children in multicultural families
  • Management of the interpretation and translation service projects for married immigrants
  • Projects to provide information for multicultural families
  • Projects of improving multicultural awareness
  • Management of local multicultural program projects
  • Call Center 1577-1366

Base Centers ( Base centers in 2015)

  • 1 base center by metropolitan city was installed (Total 16 centers)
    • 1st base center : Seoul/Yeongdeungpogu Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 2nd base center : Busan/Namgu Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 3rd base center : Daegu/Donggu Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 4th base center : Incheon/Bupyeonggu Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 5th base center : Gwangju/Bukgu Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 6th base center : Daejeon/Daejeon Metropolitan City Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 7th base center : Ulsan/NamguMulticultural Family Support Center
    • 8th base center : Gyeonggi /Ansan Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 9th base center : Gangwon/Chuncheon Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 10th base center : Chungbuk/Eumseong-gun Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 11th base center : Chungnam/Asan Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 12th base center : Jeonbuk/Iksan Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 13th base center : Jeonnam /Suncheon Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 14th base center : Gyeongbuk / Gumi Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 15th base center : Gyeongname / Gyeongsangnam-do Multicultural Family Support Center
    • 16th base center : Jeju/ Jeju City Multicultural Family Support Center
  • Development and provision of multicultural family support programs according to cities and provinces' characteristics
  • Support and management of multicultural family support center projects in areas
  • The central management agency's roles that are connected to the local centers
  • Building and operating networks between institutions related to the centers in areas
  • Other details required for the Ministry of Gender, Equality, and Family regarding the multicultural family support projects

Local centers

  • Families: Bilingual language environment programs, programs for improving family relations
  • Gender equality : Education of marriage partners, programs for educating prospective marriage partners, etc.
  • Human rights : Education for multicultural understanding, education for improving human right sensitivity, etc.
  • Social integration : Education of basic competency for getting jobs, Connection of professional training institutions for getting jobs, Multicultural Family Sharing Corps Volunteers, Multicultural Family Self-help Meeting, etc.
  • Counseling : Group counseling for families/individuals, Management of examples, Immediate support of families who come to crises
  • Connection of promotion and resources : Promotion of local society, local social networks, etc.
  • Specialized projects
    • Education by visit of multicultural families
    • Projects for supporting the language development of children in multicultural families
    • Interpretation and translation services for married immigrants
    • Mentoring projects for married immigrants (When test-operated)
    • Multicultural family home economics agent projects (When test-operated.)
    • Korean language teaching by local governments (In consignment)